Looking for free internet access to use with your smartphone or tablet when you're out and about?
Featured below are restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.
with multiple national and regional locations across the USA that provide Free Wi-Fi to their customers.


Apple Spice Junction Delis have Free Wi-Fi in many locations. Check for access at each one.

Applebee's locations have Free Wi-Fi. Check with each location for availability.

Arby's locations have Free Wi-Fi.

Au Bon Pain locations.

Beaners's Gourmet Coffee locations - AL, IN, OH, MI and others - have Free Wi-Fi.

Bear Rock Cafes have free Wi-Fi in select locations. Look for the Wi-Fi notation on location details pages.

Big Boy Restaurants in CA, FL, MI and OH have Free Wi-Fi.

Bob Evans Restaurants have Free Wi-Fi.

Many Bruegger's Bagels locations have Free Wi-Fi. Best to check with each location.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar offers Free Wi-Fi in all locations across the US.

Burger King locations offer Free Wi-Fi.

Burgerville locations in WA and OR offer Free Wi-Fi.

Caribou Coffee locations with fast internet access offer Free Wi-fi

Many Chick-fil-a locations have Free Wi-Fi. Look for the sign.

Claddagh Irish Pub locations on OH,IL, IN, MI, MN, PA and WI.

Claim Jumper Restaurants - CA, WA, CO and AZ

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 300 company owned stores have Free Wi-Fi, check their web site for locations.

Corner Bakery Cafes in CA,CO,DC,Ga,IL,MD,PA,TX,VA offer Free Wi-Fi

Cosi Coffee and Sandwiches - use their Store locator to find locations with Free Wi-Fi.

Daily Grind locations in MD, VA and WV have Free Wi-Fi.

Denny's - look for sign advertising Free Wi-Fi at participating locations.

Many Dunkin Donuts locations have Free Wi-Fi.

First Watch restaurants have Free Wi-Fi in 68 locations in Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, Maryland, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Select Fox and Hound Restaurants and Bailey's Pubs across the USA have Free Wi-Fi.

Giant Food Centers in PA have Free Wi-Fi in the Cafe area.

Hooters of America has many locations with free Wi-Fi. Hooters Original operates locations in the Tamps Bay, FL area with Free Wi-Fi.

ING DIRECT Cafes have Free Wi-Fi.


It's A Grind Coffee Houses have many locations with Free Wi-Fi in CA, AZ, NV, TX, CO and some other States.

Krystal Restaurants has free Wi-Fi in over 200 locations.

Le Boulanger Bakery Cafes - 17 locations in San Jose, CA area

Lee's Sandwiches - locations in So Cal.

Most Mama Fu's Asian House locations in TX, AR, GA, FL, NC have Free Wi-Fi.

Martin's Food Centers in MD,VA and WV have Free Wi-Fi in the Cafe area.

McAlister's Deli has many locations nationwide with Free WiFi, use their location finder to check for access.

McDonald's - over 11,000 USA locations.

Metrotainment Cafes has 10 restaurants in the metro Atlanta, GA area with Free Wi-Fi.

Panera Bread Company - available in over 1250 locations from California to New Hampshire and lots of places in between.

Peet's Coffee provides 2 hours of Free Wi-Fi with a code provided by the cashier.

Many PJ's Coffee locations in the southeast US have Free Wi-Fi - check for availability.

Peter Piper Pizza locations in AZ, CA, NM and TX have Free Wi-Fi.

Publix Markets in the Southeastern US have free Wi-Fi.

Many Safeway/Vons Grocery Stores have Free Wi-Fi in their coffee shop areas. Use the Store locator to check for availability.

Sapp Bros. Truck Stops in the Midwest States have Free Wi-Fi.

Schlotzsky's Cool Cloud for a Cool Deli - AZ, DC, GA, FL, NC, OH, TE, TX

Many Scooter's Coffeehouse locations have Free Wi-Fi in KA, NE, MO, TX, and other States.

Shari's Restaurants - 105 locations in OR, WA, ID and CA have Free Wi-Fi

Speedway Gas Stations have Free Wi-Fi

Starbucks - all company owned locations in the USA and Canada offer Free Wi-Fi, no account required.

Subway - a lot of independently owned locations offer Free Wi-Fi, check with each location for access.

Togo's Sandwich Shops in CA have Free Wi-Fi.

Tropical Smoothie Cafes - search their directory for locations with Free Wi-Fi.

Tully's Coffee offers Free Wi-Fi in many of their NW USA locations.

Several Wegman's Supermarkets in NY, PA, NJ, MD and VA ( use their Store Locator and choose Wi-Fi Internet access in the department search ) have Free Wi-Fi in their cafe area, open 24/7.

WhichWich Sandwich Shops in the SouthWest and SouthEast have Free Wi-Fi.

Many Whole Foods Markets offer Free Wi-Fi. Contact individual locations about availability.



Here's a listing of International and USA Hotels,
Motels, Inns and Resorts
that offer Free Wi-Fi to their guests.


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